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Degrees Offered: Ph.D.
Degree Requirements
Doctoral Program of Finance industry and Business management offers one program at the graduate level (Ph.D.). The degree requirements for the program are as follows:
Requirements for a Ph.D. degree in Doctoral Program of Finance industry and Business management:
1. Complete the first year study in master program, and then transfer to this doctoral program in the second year. 
2. Completion of 36 credits of courses, including 21 credits of required courses while 12 credits of internship in enterprise during the following fourth and fifth year, and 15 credits of elective courses offered by the program. 
3. Publication requirements before graduation: Students are advised to refer to the department for the requirements. Students are also required to submit a written doctoral dissertation completed under the supervision of a faculty member and pass an oral examination.
Course Descriptions
B0411 RISK MANAGEMENT (3/0): This course is designed to overview cutting-edge quantitative techniques for quantitative risk management or financial econometrics, e.g. multivariate value-at-risk estimation, credit risk modelling, and stochastic variance modelling.
B0711 SEMINAR ON MACROECONOMIC (0/3):  Topics of this course include: The Real Exchange Rate and the Terms of Trade, Uncertainty and the International Financial Markets, Imperfections in International Capital Markets, Global Linkages and Economic Growth, Nominal Price Rigidities Empirical Facts and Basic Open-Economy Models, etc.
B0712 ADVANCED ECONOMETRICS (3/0):  This course is designed to help students understand the Optimization and Non-linear Regression Models, Non-parametric Estimations, Models for Panel Data, Models with Discrete Dependent Variables, Limited Dependent Variable and Duration Models, State Space Models, and the Kalman Filter Method.
B0714 SEMINAR ON INVESTMENT THEORY (3/0):  This course is designed to expose students to empirical investments in different topics. In most of the meetings, the instructor will lead a discussion of the materials, while the papers will be assigned to specific students who are responsible for presenting and leading discussions of the paper.
M1620 SEMINAR ON CORPORATE GOVERNANCE (3/0):  This course is designed to comprehend the existing development condition and future tendency of domestic and foreign corporate governance. To enhance the research capacity of Ph.D. students, in most of the meetings, the instructor will lead a discussion of relevant issues in corporate governance in selected journals.